The constantly growing medical requirements have been the biggest reason for the evolution of healthcare mobility solutions. In the past, the healthcare and life science industries were focusing more on manufacturing customized medical equipment and devices for the hospitals and doctors. However, now they have switched over to custom-made mobile apps that are increasingly smarter, rich in functionality and easy to use. The aim of these solutions is to cut the health care costs and to provide the patients with the best results.

Highlights of Healthcare App

Temperature Declaration Form

The Temperature Declaration Form keeps check of the visitors/employees visiting your premises to be allowed/disallowed based on the COVID-19 information furnished.

Child Immunization Form

Child Immunization Form will be used for tracking a child’s digital immunization records, send reminders for upcoming vaccinations, record keeping for future references and to share with school records on specific request.

Unique QR Code

A unique QR Code is generated and assigned for generating a valid registration number for registered patients, child records. This helps in scanning the QR Code to read the existing records like visitor’s data, child immunization history, etc.