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  • Who we are?

    RYSA Technologies and Services is a Zoho Certified Partner based out of Chennai, India. We are providing solutions using Zoho Creator and other suite of products. Our areas of expertise are below:

    •  Web/Mobile friendly Custom Business Application development in low code App building platform.
    • Zoho Creator based SAAS applications to replace traditional excel based reporting.
    • Mobile friendly products like School ERP, Warehouse Management Systems, Time sheet Tracker and Health Care Solutions ready for the relevant set of target customers.
    •  Consulting services and support of Low Latency/High Speed Middleware messaging in Cloud as PaaS (Platform as a Service)
    • Centre of Excellence or a Practice for Intelligent Automation (RPA) consulting, solutions development in the pipeline
  • What we Do?

    Zoho Creator Business Application Development
    Robotic Process Automation
    Low Latency/High Speed Middleware Messaging Services and Support
    Cloud Based Contact Center Solution
    Zoho Creator Business Application Development

    Using Zoho Creator, one of the leading cloud based low-code app development platform, RYSA Technologies and Services helps in building applications of mobile and tablet friendly. As a certified Zoho Creator Partner based out of India with a team of certified professionals we help in delivering quality products with competitive pricing.

    Robotic Process Automation

    We have a Centre of Excellence to identify potential use cases for Robotic Process Automation and exploring to build the software bots using Intelligent Automation tools. We are currently evaluating the different service providers for the practice.

    Low Latency/High Speed Middleware Messaging Services and Support

    As an internal or external consultant with strong expertise in middleware messaging domain, we will help in solving your middleware messaging problems. We provide professional technical support and consulting services using leading messaging service products both on cloud and appliances deployed in premises.

    Cloud Based Contact Center Solution

    Are you looking for your entire contact center operations to be in Cloud? With the integration of varieties of CRM products, the KooKoo platform offered by OzoneTel is an extensive environment offers the call center team to effectively utilize the agents. The real time dashboard shows the overall status of the operations in web/mobile. The heavy investments of deploying campus PRI lines will no longer be needed if you look out for a solution to work from anywhere. For more information, please contact RYSA Technologies and Services. We help you in engaging with the vendor, onboarding and consulting.

Welcome to RYSA Technologies and Services

RYSA Technologies and Services is a Zoho Certified Partner based in Chennai, India.We help in Digital transformation of your business with cloud based cutting edge technologies and services.The applications are built using low code building platform which help in customers to choose an alternative solution for their traditional excel reporting. The applications are also by default custom mobile apps allowing user to access from anywhere. In addition, we provide consulting and services in the area of Cloud Computing/SAAS, Middleware Messaging Services and IT training services. We are also building a Center of Excellence in Robotic Process Automation Solutions and Consulting.

What we Can do?

Give you the ultimate freedom from the life of files and papers.

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