Generate QR Code or Barcode in Zoho Creator

27.02.19 06:38 AM By Praveen Kumar J

Zoho Creator has a feature that lets you scan the QR code and barcode. However, generating QR code or barcode is not within the scope of the product.


You can find how a QR code or barcode be generated in Zoho creator by further viewing the below details. Moreover, you can encode the data in the generated QR code or barcode.

Let's take a scenario

Say you own a warehouse that is used for storing commodities like grains for rent.

When a customer or a vendor wants to place his commodities inside the warehouse, an entry slip is generated and given to the customer with a Receipt ID. While placing the commodities inside the warehouse, the commodity bags have to be tagged with details. This will be associated with the customer's Receipt ID for his commodity. This makes our life easier when returning the commodity to its respected owner. The information on the bag tag should give all the information regarding the commodity inside the bag. Instead of having a list of all the details printed and tagged on the bag, a simple QR code can be generated and pasted on the bag.


This QR code can be scanned using your mobile phone or tab on the spot to get the details of the commodity .


Look at the image below of a sample report in Zoho Creator where the QR code is generated using the report data.If you try scanning the QR code, it will result in the below record.


Generating a QR code or barcode

The QR code or barcode can be generated dynamically by writing a deluge code inside the workflow of Zoho creator.The generated QR code can be displayed by using an image field in the Form.


 Example code

Here is a code that is to be written in the workflow of Zoho creator

URL="<img src='"+str+"&amp;size=100x100'/>";

str*=> data to be encoded in the OR code.

For the QR code generated in the example, refer the following link

If you have been using the below Google API chart QR code generator, this has been deprecated.



Even though the QR Code or barcode cannot be generated using any inbuilt function in Zoho Creator, you can use the above method and generate QR code or barcode for your custom-built Zoho Creator App.


What is your QR code or barcode requirement ?